Chief Books On John Constable

BROCK-ARNOLD, M.A., George M. ` Gainsborough and Constable” (” Illustrated Biographies of Great Artists”), 1881. Pages 50; 8 illustrations.

CHESNEAU, ERNEST. ” La Peinture Anglaise,” English translation by Lucy N. Etherington, and a preface by John Ruskin. Third edition, 1887. Page 136 to page 145; z woodcut illustrations.

HOLMES, C. J. ” Constable” (” The Artists’ Library “), 1901. Pages xv and 35; 24 illustrations. A very admirable essay on Constable’s position in the history of landscape painting.

HOLMES C. J. ” Constable and his Influence on Landscape Painting,” 1902. Folio, pages z68; 77 photogravure plates. The most important book on Constable’s art.

LESLIE, R.A., R. C. ” Life and Letters of John Constable, R.A.” Third edition, 1896, with further notes and introduction by Robert C. Leslie. The only adequate biography of the artist, largely based upon his letters to his wife, Fisher, Leslie and other friends.

LESLIE, R.A., G.D. and EATON, FRED. A. “John Constable, R.A.” ” The Art Journal,” 1903. 11 illustrations.

MONKHOUSE, COSMO. ” Dictionary of National Biography.”

MUTHER, RICHARD. ” The History of Modern Painting,” 1896. Vol. II.

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REDGRAVE, R.A., RICHARD, and REDGRAVE SAMUEL. ” A Century of Painters of the English School.” Abridged edition, 189o.

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