Sculptor / Artist: Francois du Quesnoy

Flemish sculptor, 1594-1642. Son of Jerome du Quesnoy. Francois worked chiefly in Italy for popes and cardinals. He made the colossal statue of St. Andrew, which ornaments one of the piers supporting the dome of St. Peter’s, Rome. It is powerfully and broadly sculptured. He also made the tomb of the Bishop de Triest (Ghent, […]

Artist – Rodin

Rodin, the French sculptor, deserves well of our new century; the old one did so incontinently batter him. The anguish of his own Hell’s Portal he endured before he moulded its clay between his thick clairvoyant fingers. Misunderstood, there-fore misrepresented, he with his pride and obstinacy aroused the one buttressing the other – was not […]

Rodin – Mystery In Art

ONE morning, when I arrived at Rodin’s house at Meudon I found the master in his dressing-gown, his hair in disorder, his feet in slippers, sitting before a good wood fire, for it was November. ” It is the time of the year,” he said, ” when I allow myself to be ill. All the […]

Rodin – Thought In Art

ONE morning, finding myself with Rodin in his atelier, I stopped before the cast of one of his most impressive works. It is a young woman whose writhing body seems a prey to some mysterious torment. Her head is bent low, her lips and her eyes are closed, and you would think she slept, did […]

Rodin – Realism In Art

AT the end of the long rue de l’Universite, close to the Champ-de-Mars, in a corner, so deserted and monastic that you might think yourself in the provinces, is the Depot des Marbres. Here in a great grass-grown court sleep heavy grayish blocks, presenting in places fresh breaks of frosted whiteness. These are the marbles […]

Rodin – Phidias And Michael Angelo

ONE Saturday evening Rodin said to me, ” Come and see me tomorrow morning at Meudon. We will talk of Phidias and of Michael Angelo, and I will model statuettes for you on the principles of both. In that way you will quickly grasp the essential differences of the two inspirations, or, to express it […]

Rodin – At The Louvre

SEVERAL days later, Rodin, putting his promise into execution, asked me to accompany him to the Musee du Louvre. We were no sooner before the antiques than he showed by his happy air that he was among old friends. ” How many times,” he said, ” have I come here when I was not more […]

Rodin – On The Usefullness Of The Artist

THE day before the vernissage (varnishing day), I met Auguste Rodin at the Salon de la Societe Nationale in Paris. He was accompanied by two of his pupils, themselves pastmasters : the sculptor Bourdelle, who was this year exhibiting a fierce Hercules piercing the Stymphalian birds with his arrows, and Despiau, who models exquisitely clever […]

Rodin – The Artist All In Nature Is Beautiful

IN Rodin’s great atelier at Meudon stands a cast of that statuette, so magnificently ugly, which the great sculptor wrought upon the text of Villon’s poem, La Belle Heaulmiere. The courtesan, once radiant with youth and grace, is now repulsive with age and decrepitude. Once proud of her beauty, she is now filled with shame […]

Rodin – Modelling

ONE late afternoon, when I was with Rodin in his atelier, darkness set in while we talked. ” Have you ever looked at an antique statue by lamplight? ” my host suddenly demanded. ” No, never,” I answered, with some surprise. ” I astonish you. You seem to consider the idea of studying sculpture excepting […]