Painter/Artist: Frederick Walker

LONDON,NATIONAL GALLERY THE PLOUGH Two grey horses drawing a wooden plough to left across a field separated from us by a small stream, and backed by a chalk cliff which glows pink in the sunset. A man is driving the plough; and a boy is at the near horse’s head. The sunlight also catches a […]

Painter/Artist: Antoine Watteau

French School. “Watteau was not only the inventor of Fetes galantes, and the most exquisite colourist among French artists of the eighteenth century. He was a poet-painter who transfigured the frivolities of his time into dream-like scenes.” (Sir Claude Phillips.) LONDON, WALLACE COLLECTION FETE IN A PARK In the foreground on the right is a […]

Painter/Artist: George Frederick Watts

LONDON, TATE GALLERY PSYCHE Full length, nude, facing us. A young girl standing beside her couch, her hands at her sides, looking down in despair at a feather from the wing of Eros, who has flown away. Painted and exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery in 1880. Purchased by the Chantrey Trustees, 1882. MAMMON The god […]

Painter/Artist: Rogier van der Weyden

ANTWERP THE SEVEN SACRAMENTS Three panels representing the nave and side aisles of a church seen from the western end. From the foreground in the centre rises a lofty crucifix, the Saviour’s body being on a level with the clerestory and triforium, at the foot of which are ;grouped St. John supporting the Virgin, and […]

Painter/Artist: James Whistler

Born at Lowell, Massachusetts; lived at Chelsea the greatest part of his life. LONDON, TATE GALLERY OLD BATTERSEA BRIDGE A single pier and part of two spans of the old wooden bridge seen from the east side at low tide at night. A rocket rises from Cremorne Gardens on the right and another has just […]

Painter/Artist: Philips Wouverman

Dutch School. A most prolific painter of landscapes enlivened with horsemen, etc. Eleven examples are in the National Gallery. LONDON, WALLACE COLLECTION THE HORSE FAIR “This very capital picture exhibits an open country divided in the middle distance by a river, whose course is lost among the distant mountains. The principal scene of activity is […]

Painter/Artist: Luigi Vivarini

Early Venetian School. Son of Antonio. His largest and most important works are the unfinished altar-piece at the Frari, Venice, and two in the Berlin Museum. LONDON, NATIONAL GALLERY THE VIRGIN AND CHILD The Virgin, in a blue mantle over a crimson robe, stands behind a parapet facing us. Her left hand holds a cushion […]

Painter/Artist: Antonio Vivarini

Early Venetian School. Active at Murano, 1440-1470, generally in conjunction with “Johannes Alemanus,” but sometimes alone, as in the Adoration of the Kings at Berlin. VENICE, ACADEMY THE PARADISE On an elevated throne are seated the Virgin face to face with Christ, who is crowning her, and behind them the Father with the mystic Dove. […]

Painter/Artist: Gerard Terborch

Dutch School. His principal works are small genre pictures, of which examples are given below, but he also painted portraits. THE PEACE OF MUNSTER The plenipotentiaries of Philip IV. of Spain and the delegates of the Dutch United Provinces assembled in the Rath-haus at Munster on May 15, 1648, to ratify the treaty of peace. […]

Painter/Artist: Giovauni Battista Tieplo

Venetian School. Influenced by Piazzetta and by Paolo Veronese. His chief works are in fresco, his masterpiece being the scenes from the story of Antony and Cleopatra in the Palazzo Labia at Venice. EDINBURGH, NATIONAL GALLERY THE FINDING OF MOSES The scene is laid in an Italian landscape, and the figures, life-size, are dressed in […]