Painting In Russia

TOURIST travel to Russia is not yet large, but is increasing each year, as the outside world discovers its safety and exceptional interest. For that reason this chapter is added as a brief appendix, with no attempt to do more than suggest the high quality of the principal museums there. The only distinctive Russian school […]

Museums Of Art And Teachers Of History

My own interest in the cooperation between museums and educational work is very keen, and let me say, also, at the outset that I thank you again for reminding me that I am no artist but only a pedagogue. Fifteen years ago the question was much agitated among teachers as to what an art museum […]

Spain – The Story Of The Nation

THE STORY OF THE NATION IN 1492 the Catholic Sovereigns, Ferdinand and Isabella, entered Granada in triumph. The last stronghold of Moorish dominion, undermined by the dissensions of Islam, fell before the united Christian kingdoms of Leon, Castile and Aragon. Spain be-came a united country and, in virtue of her protracted struggle of nearly eight […]

Characteristics Of Spanish Painting

SPANISH Painting, so far as it represents a school, is singularly limited in scope and rigidly circumscribed. This is due partly to the racial character, self-centered and conservative, out of which it grew: partly also, to the influences that immediately shaped its growth. For it developed under the patron-age of the Crown and the Church. […]

Goya – Royalty And The Nude

I MUST now request you to retrace your steps to the Sala de Retratos, where we will spend a few moments in the company of Royal Persons. (Am I really acquiring the genteel phraseology of the official guide ? One’s voice seems to assume a startling volume in these reverberating rooms, and there are so […]

Goya – Disasters Of The War

THERE are surely in the world few more unlikely places in which to surprise a stroke of political sagacity than the works of that homme à bonnes fortunes, Giovanni Casanova. The affairs of what I suppose he would call his heart left him only too little leisure to ruminate upon the affairs of nations. Yet […]

Goya – Journey’s End

I AM in two minds whether to write this last chapter or not. The thirteenth must, I am afraid, have been rather dispiriting, and I see little prospect that this will be any better. Did we not come to Spain to be amused, not depressed ? And yet, to tell the plain truth, I can […]

Goya – Holy Week

” BUT what are you doing, pray, idling over your pétit déjeuner on the pavement outside the Café Condal in the Rambla del Centro of Barcelona ? I understood that this was to be a Goya pilgrimage. Is it not a fact that Goya never set foot in Barcelona and that Barcelona contains only one […]

Goya – Fuendetodos

I had been told that the lisping of the z’s and c’s was going out of fashion. I was sorry to hear it. Such minor national mannerisms possess an agreeable flavour, and if I had my will not one jot or tittle of them should ever pass away. Insignificant in themselves, collectively they form a […]

Celtic Illumination

The object of the foregoing consideration of illuminated manuscripts was an attempt to explain the position they held in relation to the development of Italian painting, but there is another great class of illuminated manuscripts, the Irish Celtic Books of the Gospels and Psalters, so distinctive from the Byzantine and Roman manuscripts that they demand […]