Artist – Principal Works By Lord Leighton

THE important works exhibited by Leighton in public galleries number about two hundred and seventy. Many small landscape sketches, painted during his travels, and studies for finished pictures were never exhibited during his lifetime. These either remain in Leighton House on exhibition to-day, or were sold at auction after his death. Many of his large pictures have passed into private collections and become widely scattered, and in many instances the whereabouts are unknown at the present time. Therefore it seems best first to give a list of those works which are in public collections and secondly a list of the most important works in private collections, without giving the names of the owners.


ENGLAND. BIRMINGHAM, MUNICIPAL ART GALLERY: A Condottière —HAMPJSHIRE, LYNDHURST CHURCH: (Fresco) The Wise and Foolish Virgins— LEEDS, GALLERY: Return of Persephone —LEICESTER, GALLERY: Prometheus on Pegasus with the Gorgon’s Head–LIVERPOOL, WALKER ART GALLERY: Elijah in the Wilderness—LONDON, BURLINGTON HOUSE, DIPLOMA GALLERY: St. Jerome —LONDON, LEIGHTON HOUSE: Clytemnestra watching for the Return of Agamemnon; Innumerable sketches and studies for finished pictures—LONDON, NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY: Portrait of Sir Richard Burton (Plate v) —LONDON, ROYAL EXCHANGE: (Fresco) Phoenicians bartering with Britons—LONDON, TATE GALLERY: The Bath of Psyche (Plate III); And the Sea gave up the Dead which were in it (Plate Ix); (Bronze statue) Athlete struggling with a Python; (Bronze statue) The Sluggard— LONDON, VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM: (Two lunettes in fresco) Industrial Arts as applied to War, Industrial Arts as applied to Peace—MANCHESTER GALLERY: The Last Watch of Hero, with a Predella, Leander; Captive Andromache (Plate vi)—GERMANY. FRANKFORT, STEINLE INSTITUTE: Othello and Desdemona—ITALY. FLORENCE, UFFIZI: Portrait of Himself—UNITED STATES. NEW YORK, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM: Lachrymas (Plate vu); Lucia; An Odalisque.


PORTRAIT of Himself; Cimabue finding Giotto in the Fields of Florence; Duel between Romeo and Tybalt; Death of Brunelleschi; The Pest in Florence; A Persian Pedlar; Portrait of Miss Laing; Cimabue’s Madonna carried in Procession through the Streets of Florence; Reconciliation of the Montagues and Capulets; Triumph of Music; Salome, Daughter of Herodias; The Mermaid; County Paris claims his Bride; Pan; Nymph with Cupid; Sunny Hours: La Nanna; Samson and Delilah; Capri, Sunrise; Portrait of Mrs. Sutherland-Orr; Portrait of J. H. Walker; Paolo e Francesca; A Dream; Lieder ohne Worte; Capri-Paganos; The Star of Bethlehem; The Sisters; The Duet; Michael Angelo nursing his Dying Servant; Sea-echoes; Eucharis; Dante in Exile; Orpheus and Eurydice; Golden Hours; Portrait of Miss L. I’ Anson; David; Helen of Troy; Portrait of Mrs. J. Guthrie; Portrait of the Countess of Carlisle; Syracusan Bride leading Wild Beasts in Procession to the Temple of Diana; Greek Girls dancing; Venus disrobing for the Bath; Portrait of Mrs. J. H. Walker; Ariadne abandoned by Theseus; Portrait of J. Martineau; Portrait of Mrs. S. P. Cockerell; Daedalus and Icarus; Electra at the Tomb of Agamemnon; Helios and Rhodes; A Nile Woman; Herakles wrestling with Death for the Body of Alcestis (Plate I); Cleoboulos instructing his Daughter Cleo-bouline; Greek Girls picking up Pebbles by the Seashore; Summer Moon; Portrait of Rt. Hon. E. Ryan; Moretti; Egyptian Slinger; Little Fatima; Antique Juggling Girl; Interior Grand Mosque, Damascus; Portrait of Mrs. H. E. Gordon; The Daphnephoria (Plate x); The Music Lesson (Plate Iv); Portrait of Miss Mabel Mills; Portrait of H. E. Gordon; Nausicaa; Winding the Skein; Portrait of Miss Ruth Stewart-Hodgson; Neruccia; Portrait of Signor Giovanni Costa; Portrait of the Countess Brownlow; The Light of the Harem; The Sister’s Kiss; The Nymph of the Dargle; Elisha raising the Son of the Shulamite; An Idyll, Whispers; Bianca; Viola; Portrait of Mrs. Stephen Ralli; Portrait of Mrs. A. Sartoris; Day-Dreams, Phryne at Eleusis; Wedded; (Frieze) The Dance; Memories; Portrait of Miss N. Joachim; Cymon and Iphigenia (Plate II); Letty.; (Frieze) Music; Serenely wandering in Trance of Sober Thought; Phoebe; Portrait of Mrs. A. Hitchins;Portrait of Lady Sibyl Primrose; Design for ceiling for music-room; Portrait of Amy, Lady Coleridge; Portraits of the Misses Stewart-Hodgson; Sibyl; Invocation, Greek Girls playing at Ball (Plate vus), Portrait of Mrs. F. A. Lucas; Solitude; ‘Tragic Poetess; Perseus and Andromeda; Portrait of A. B. Freeman-Mitford; The Gar-den of the Hesperides; A Bacchante; At the Fountain; Phryne at the Bath; Hit; Farewell, Atalanta; Corinna of Tanagra; Rizpah; The Frigidarium; The Spirit of the Summit; Fatidica; The Bracelet; Summer Slumber; Flaming June, Miss Dorothy Dene; Candida; A Fair Persian; A Vestal; Clyde.



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AS with Whistler, much criticism has appeared in magazine articles upon Lord Leighton, especially in 1896, the year of his death. We give only the most important articles. A complete list can be made by consulting the Indices to Periodical Literature in any library.

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