Art Education – Poplar Tree In Colour

(Summer appearance)


To teach the class to observe and represent the growth, colour, and general appearance of the poplar tree in Summer.


Coloured chalks.


Coloured crayons and a sheet of drawing paper on each desk.

As a preparation for this lesson, the pupils might be allowed to take home their drawings from the previous lesson, so as to have an opportunity of comparing them with the real tree at a proper distance. They should also be urged to pay special attention this time to the colour of the foliage, so as to be able to make a true picture of the tree in colour.


The teacher might draw on the board a light line to indicate the height of the tree, getting the pupils to show what portion of this should be trunk, how wide the upper part of the tree should be, and how thick the trunk. Experiments with the crayons should be made, to see how best to get the proper colour and how and where to begin to represent the foliage. This suggestion of the tree should then be rubbed out and the lesson continued along the lines of the previous one.