André Pératé ‘La Grande Encyclopédie’

VITTORE CARPACCIO is one of the most charming among the precursors of the great Venetian painters of the fifteenth century. In his pictures, so skilful and well balanced, we find the germs, so to speak, of the ample composition of Titian and the sumptuous decoration of Veronese. The most diverse qualities of the two Bellini are, moreover, blended in him—a taste for the picturesque, and a tender and touching sweetness. Again, he. shares the delicacy of the Primitives, and at the same time gives evidence of the knowledge, the drawing, and the coloring of his glorious successors—a rare merit which in itself is sufficient to account for the favor he enjoys among modern artists.-FROM THE FRENCH

CARPACCIO is the first illustrator of religious life and legend in Venice, as well as the most delightful story-teller of his time; the finest poet in a city not given to audible verse.—MRS. OLIPHANT

( Originally Published 1903 )

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